Multipotentiality, A Curse or Blessing?

Are you a Multipotentialite?  ​ I was introduced to the term multipotentiality about 8 months ago when I came across Emilie Wapnick  Puttylikee (a product of researching sprees often undertaken) It stems from the psychology term Multipotentiality. The best definition I found came from an article titled, “Multipotentiality” by Tamara Fisher. Tamara Fisher wrote: Multipotentiality is the state of … Continue reading Multipotentiality, A Curse or Blessing?


First time I cooked

I was alarmed, what I have done? I thought Grandma nudge me to take a spoonful myself and then I had an aha moment. I wanted to run along with them, but grandma’s demeanor and stance wouldn’t allow me bulge. I dare not stand up from my seat. I had to grudgingly swallow the gulp but internally I was crying. 

Writers Block

10 mins Writing Challenge four minutes is gone! what?! I was and been just wondering what I am suppose to write for this challenge.  thinking hard but my mind is blank. i just hope somebody of stroke of genius should show up to help. those fairy angels are nothing but farce joor. they only exist … Continue reading Writers Block