Are you a Finisher or Starter?


Group of runners in a cross country race.

Group of runners in a cross country race. Picture Credit – google

Happy NEW year guys!

Yeah I know the greeting is kinda late but all the same, as they say late than never right?

I hoped you all enjoyed the holiday season? You guys were amazing to this blog and I appreciate all the likes, comments, follows and discussions.

Let’s do it again!

It’s another beautiful and exciting year again, I’d love learn to share one of those truth I came across during the holiday season. I promised myself to share with my amazing readers.

And it all border on FINISHING

It doesn’t matter how you/we start, the most important thing is Finishing

No matter the strength, durability and agility of a wood, what brings out the beauty of that wood/material is the finishing on it.

Okay, you know at the start of a race, every athlete on the track is a potential winner right? but guess who got the medal?

The year has started now, many of us had written down goals and resolutions, but how far we can go in accomplishing those things can only be determined by the level of our Finisher-o-meter

Many of us are good, amazing initiators and starters but are poor finishers.

Let me raised my hand first because I am guilty of being a poor finisher but I’m improving in that department.

You see i am a good initiators and starters; i mean i am good at it. From Opening up several blogs that i can’t keep up with, Promising to teach up somebody but along the way got sidetracked by other activities, cramming schedules and appointments into my routine that i can’t handle or keep up with and the sceneries go on and on.

 I discovered I am not usually happy with myself. i found myself feeling embarrassed and overwhelmed by all the abandoned projects all around me – I was a poor finisher.

You see Certificates, Diplomas, Masters and other honoraries are only given to those who finish not those who start the programme or trainings, am I right?

 Some finished grad school of four years in 3, some finished it in 4 years and some have to take extra class making it six years. but the bottom line is you are not going to receive any recognition until you finished and funny enough the amount of years you spend to earn your degrees is not always indicated on the certificates!

What an Irony!

It clearly means finishing up the task is more recognized than the durations it takes you to finish it

No matter how many punches the opponents in a boxing ring throw upon each other, its the last man still standing after enduring all the punches that is declared the winner

In order not to burnout before we gathered enough energy to get importance things, it is a good idea to be able to minor th minor and major the major

I have come to this understanding that people who have abandoned projects, works, schedules and what have you exhibit 3 characteristics.

  1. Making Decisions at the spur of the moment.

As someone will say “even indecision is a decision”.

Deciding to be a part of or embark on a before having a good knowledge of the whole is not wisdom. Yes I know I am guilty of this but I promised myself to improve.

Not thinking through decision  or making decision at the spur of the moment due to emotional high or something subjects us to take on tasks we probably don’t have the capacity and resources to handle

It is while along the way that the enormity of the task of the task dawn on us and we give it up all together not bothering about the resources and precious time we have spent on it.

  1. Overconfidence

I believe there is nothing wrong with having confidence in one’s ability. Infact we will shortchange ourselves in so many way if we don’t.

There is a limit to where our confidence can take us. One of those things I learned very early in life is that confidence is built from the sweet savor of past victory.

What is wrong  howeer is to be overconfident. We can seem to be blinded by the enormity and intricacy of a given project or task until we almost flop it or something similar.

Overconfidence will delay in finishing up tasks, goals or objectives.

Let us therefore carefully study the different parts of the whole before launching out

Overconfidence in our ability to think we can handle things that we have no training or little knowledge to handle can be draining.

  1. Uncanny vulnerability of wanting to please.

We are all guilty of this to some degree.

Out of respect or similar prerogatives we commit ourselves to plans and schedules we know  deep down  we can’t keep up with or maintain but nonetheless throw our weight behind it in order to please the other person at the expense of our convenience.

Many of us have this weakness of not being able to say NO to certain things and it is time we start doing so.  Especially to things, tasks, people, projects that are not necessary to the achievement of our purpose and goals

……… It’s time to go back to school if you didn’t finished up

I am encouraging you to take up that book you haven’t finished reading

I am encouraging to complete that story and those books you have been postponing for months

Don’t you think it is time visit that loved one of yours?

Whatever is it that you have given up on and back off from, its time to get back on the horse that bit ya!

Where others crawl,WALK

Where others walk, RUN

Where others Run, STAND,

Where others Stand, BE THE STANDARD

Every Blessings,


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